Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's in my....


Here's the first edition of a re-occurring (maybe monthly) post I'd like to do.  It will focus on what's in my....bag, purse, make up kit, box, etc.  You'd think this topic would expire quickly but I seriously have lots of ideas.  I'm an organization person so everything is grouped together somehow.  Heck I even think what's in my closet could last for a while.  Hope you don't get too bored!

We got our first big snow of the year here in Ohio (thank you for holding off till Christmas) recently and that reminded me that my brown and orange purse was so Fall (and so 2012).  So on New Years Eve while I cleaned up the house for guests I also cleaned up my purse.  There was a bit of purging that needed to go on.

Let's dump her out and see what we've got.

Yes, I look at this and realize it is A LOT!!!  So let's break it down into groups.  Wanna play spot the bobby pin?  Because it's there...

First is the "essentials"

-Wallet:  Maybe we'll see a "What's in my wallet" another day because it needs cleaned out too.  But basically if I go somewhere without my purse, I at least grab a few things from my wallet to add to a clutch or in my pocket.
-Work ID:  Not good to be at work without this, can't get into the office (or leave to go to the bathroom).  Once I tried to get to work at 6am because I had a deadline coming up, but I forgot my ID and sat on my butt in the lobby for an hour till someone else came.  Lesson learned.
-Vitamins:  Maybe not an essential to everyone but as I get older I've decided I need to keep myself healthy.  Nice reminder for me to take my vitamin right now...OK, done.
-Makeup bag: Also to be blogged about.  Again, maybe not an essential to you, but a  MUST for me.  Unfortunately I was not blessed with a smooth and acne free complexion.  Plus sometimes when I leave for work at 6 am I don't remember to get myself completely ready, so it's good to have on stand-by.
Seasonal items

-Lotions: Bath and Body Works, thick lotion for my dry hands.
-More Lotion:  because it's that time of year.
-Umbrella:  Don't mind that it's missing the handle, I lost it, but it's smaller now and more compact for my purse, so I call that a win.  This has now been moved to the closet, won't help me with the snow and wind.

Extras (no pun intended)

Gum:  threw one of these in recently when I was heading out to meet some friends.  Don't want bad breath.
Flash drives:  These mostly stick around still from college.  I was always saving files on a school computer then needing them at home or work.  I still use sometimes for work files or saving pictures I want to upload.
Point and shoot Camera:  This thing lives with me.  I have a DSLR now that I take most places, but the old point and shoot will always be around.  I hate to miss a picture!
"Extras" bag:  Yep, another bag.  This holds all my coupons, a pen or two, all my rewards program cards and various other items at times.  Can't you wait till I blog about it!?!

The Randoms

DSLR Camera "bag":  I don't usually carry this is my purse, but with a huge purse (clearly) and the Holiday bustle, I was carrying it around.
Verizon VISA Rebate:  I've had this in my purse since Spring, it's even transferred purses and not been used yet...guess I don't like free money.  NOT!
Corks and more corks:  I made one project with corks for my brother-in-law's wedding in May and since then have been thinking of more ideas.  In the mean time my parents keep collecting them for me.  Last time I was at their house (October?)  they gave these ones to me.  They finally went into my craft box.  I didn't actually contribute to drinking any of the bottles though.
Party Balloon Toothpicks:  These were from my niece's cupcakes that I baked for Sunday so they made their way home then went into my baking supplies.
Clinique eyeshadow:  On the road to the Birthday Party I was not yet ready, so I had to throw in my eyeshadow to do in the car.  It's now back with my makeup.  It didn't fit with the small makeup bag I carry.  I don't carry eye shadow in that makeup bag, but other essentials.
The Bobby Pin:  FOUND IT!  This is another item that has moved from purse to purse.  I rarely need a bobby pin at random so it's definitely not an essential.  Back in the drawer it went with it's bobby pin friends.

So that's a wrap to "What's in my Purse."

Oops, looks like I forgot something!
This one likes to climb into ANYTHING!  His current choice "toy" is a large cereal box.  He got in here after I emptied it out, turned around, and lounged for a good 15 minutes until his brother decided to bother him.

Thanks for playing!  So, what's in YOUR purse?  Please share!

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