Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Review: Save Me

Save Me a novel by Lisa Scottoline

I was first introduced to the author Lisa Scottoline in the grocery store.  It happened like the random act of meeting your soulmate in the store, you turn around and it's love at first site.  Cliche I know.

I was waiting for my mom to check out and there was a new books section at the entrance.  Being a book lover I would just perused the cover to read over their synopsis.  Lisa Scottoline's Look Again caught my eye.  The basic premise is that a woman finds the picture of her adopted son on a "Missing Child" card and the plot moves on from there.  It was a thrilling read but I never thought to look for any more books by her.

Until the other day when I was searching through books at the thrift store.  First I look at the cover and the name, is it catchy?  Then I check the price, is it under $4?  Then finally I read the synopsis and decide if it sounds like a good read.  Obviously it's no big investment but if I start a book I have to finish, so I want it to be a good one.

When I noticed Lisa Scottoline's name on the bookshelf I figured why not and all my criteria were met.  I must say this was a great book to start off my New Year and my resolution to read every day.  Thankfully this book has helped me stay on track.

Save Me was captivating to read.  When I only had a few minutes to read, I was always wanting more.  I WANTED to read every day because I desired to find out what was next.  The book was written in a lot of small chapters which made it easy to just sit down and read a bit at a time as well.

Synopsis:  Rose is acting as a lunch aide in her elementary aged daughters brand new, state-of-the-art school to keep an eye on the bullying that is being done to her daughter.  After most students have headed out to recess, Rose remains reprimanding some students for bullying.  An explosion suddenly occurs within the kitchen engulfing the cafeteria in flames and smoke.  Rose awakens after being momentarily knocked out and knows she has to act fast to save the kids she was talking with.  Then she remembers that her daughter Melly ran off to the handicap bathroom after being bullied.  Who must she save and how can she save these girls and her daughter?  While this main storyline happens at the beginning of the novel, the continuing story details how the community views her efforts, the effect it has on the school and community, and the mystery of what really caused the fire.  Inside this plot there also carries a storyline of family bonds and mysterious cover ups.

I must say that the beginning was a lot more riveting than the end.  I guess that depends what you find riveting.  The Book began with drama then lead into mystery.  So I'd say the drama aspect is more my thing.

Overall this book was a great read.  Rose is definitely the super-hero mom in this novel, but I was able to enjoy her story not even being a mother myself.  The book really made me think about a lot of questions.  Who would you save if it was down to the line?

So what books have you been reading lately?  I'm always open for new ideas!

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