Friday, July 12, 2013

What's in my.... (Take 2)

Melanie at Mailbox Journey has invited us all to a little link party to find out:

I already shared some dirt on this topic a while back, here, but I figured a total purse cleaning was needed again. It's been just over 6 months and let's just say I haven't made any progress on keeping it clean.  And I may have discovered more weird items this go around (although no kitty).  Let's make this a bit more simple:

1: My point and shoot digital camera.  I never leave home without it, though I rarely use it anymore and instead choose to use my cell phone camera.
2: My work cell phone.  I hate iPhone by the way, but I didn't want to get a Droid and confuse it with my own phone.
3: Makeup bag.  We'll check that out a bit more below and see how I purged some items from it.
4: Bath and Body works Lotion.
5. Business Cards.  With my old position so I threw these out.
6. More lotion, uh WHY?!  Got rid of this one.
7. Gum.  I had thrown this in there for a meeting so it's now just back in my desk at work.
8. 3 flash drive.  Apparently these are still getting transferred when I change purses even though I have been out of school 3 years now and don't need them.  One has stuff for a big engineering test I'm studying for, so it stays.  The others were put away.
9: All camera disk, since I started using a digital camera.  I never until I got my DSLR took pictures off of these because I was afraid to lose them all.  I had to get an external harddrive for my pictures now since DLSR files are huge!  I apparently couldn't think of a place I won't lose them (i have a tendency to put things somewhere I won't forget....but then I forget....).  These are now in with all my DLSR camera stuff.
10: Tum, Tum, Tum, Tum, TUMS!  These were to bring to work, but apparently never got out of my purse.  Now in my desk.
11: 5 stray acetaminophen tablets.  I was getting some killer headaches for a while and these were everywhere!  Like I'd fold a pair of pants and they would fall out of the pockets.  Guess these guys never got thrown out (or used).  Had I known they were there....gah!
12: Plastic key identifier.  This has been hanging out in my purses for 5 years. Again I ask, WHY?!  It's now identifying my trash.
13: 3 bobby pins.  Usually I keep one in my purse and the other 2 were thrown in there to use the other day but I never did.
14: Wallet.  We'll look at it some more below.
15: My keys.  "R" key chain, house key for my Aunt's, house key for my Brother's and our own house key then my car key and fob.
16: Random catch all bag.  We'll clean it out below.
17: Entry/ID card for my building and office.  Also bathroom key.

Honorable Mention to the bag of mini sliders that I had just thrown in my purse to take to work for the next days lunch (as well as the Lowe's paint refunds and matches I just took out)
The Makeup Bag

This baby is quite a mess.  I was able to throw away the dried out deodorant, used with makeup tissues, 2 of 3 nail files, the old blush which was pretty much gone, a makeup brush I rarely used, a dried out mascara and a dried out foundation.

New and improved, smaller bag (in a more fun print too)

The new makeup bag fits inside the small one (smaller in all directions).  I added a new mascara but didn't have another small deodorant.  The new blush is much smaller and brand new (gotta love samples).  The dried out foundation was pointless because I had a perfectly good foundation in there already as well.  


I love this thing.  I got it from a Leather Factory in Florence, Italy.  I had WAAAYY to much stuff in there (like normal).  I got rid of more old business cards, put away some 3+ months old receipts, shredded credit cards that were expired and not used, threw out my health insurance cards which are inactive since I switched to my husbands when we got married (yes 2 years ago), and organized my gift card collection.  She closes just fine now.

Catch All Bag

Mostly this holds my little coupon folder, the key cards, check book and a pen.  I recently stashed a bunch of stray coupons in there so they got organized in the mini folder.  I also threw out all expired coupons (which I often forget to do).  I went threw my key cards and got rid of a bunch then put them in order by most used.  I can never find Giant Eagle but I use it weekly.  I got rid of a library card from the district I use to live in, the hair cut place card (because I rarely get a hair cut or do it myself), and the tanning salon card (which I got for free for a week before my wedding).

After this clean sweep I threw everything into the new purse and took it to where I keep my things for the morning and realized it was practically just as heavy, sigh.  Guess I didn't remove anything big (and I did have those buns in there...).

Any ideas on what I should remove to make it lighter?  What don't you think I need?

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