Friday, March 29, 2013

Inspiration: Living Room Built-Ins

In case you haven't seen my Instagram feed (rebecca_l_williams), I am in LOVE with the built-in shelves/cabinets in the living room of our new house.  I think the kittens love them too, not cool kitties, you don't fit with my decorating style.

The first days of moving in I threw every item that I have used for decorating (even some seaonal items) into the living room.  I thought to myself, "Wow, this is going to be a horrible mess of items when I finally organize."  So I decided to go to my number one source of inspiration, Pinterest!  I typed in "Build In Shelves" and got an out-pouring of ideas.  I was well on my way to an orgaized set of shelves.  Or at least my "For the Home" board was.

listing photo

Let's not wait any longer, and enjoy some eye candy.

Just kidding, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't at least CONSIDER filling those beautiful shelves with shoes.  If only our walk-in closet had this type of space.  Sigh....

Of course my very first idea upon laying eye on these shelves in the house listing was BOOKS.  Loads and loads of books.  So many that I have to go to the store and buy more book, I'm gonna raid my parent's house and steal all their books.  If nothing else sold me on this house (in reality there were many things) this was IT!  No worries, books will be included, although they will be neatly styled with other items all around them.  I'm also dying to take the sleves off a lot of books to make them look extra pretty.

So now to some REAL inspiration:

Inspiration #1
I am loving the idea of an open area in the shelves for a large piece of artwork.  This idea blew my mind!  How did I never consider it?  I already grabbed a piece of art we had and rearranged some shelves in our Built-Ins.  Inspiration #1: done.

Inspiration #2:
no source :(
I really like this split of colors.  Unfortunately I won't be cool with the fact that my books wouldn't be grouped by author anymore.  Maybe authors should do their books all in one color, that could help.  I'm also pretty sure I don't have enough variety in my book colors.  But this is beautiful.
Inspiration #3
I really want to get some of these magazine holders that Amanda used in her guest room shelving update.  I'd love to make my husband's extensive Sports Illustrated collection a little more organized.  I'm thinking a bold color though, or maybe black for our shelves because the white blends too much, maybe that's a good thing...  We'll have to see how all my inspiration plays out.
Inspiration #4
I can't pinpoint the exact feeling of these cabinet door, but they rock.  Modern, artsy, unique?  I'm thinking making the two sets of shelves on the sides of our built-ins have glass doors.  We don't have fancy china or serveware, but I think a closed place for various serveware, candle sticks not in use, and other "fancy" itesm would be nice.  And this criss-cross pattern is fantastic.

Inspiration #5
Not just color BEHIND the shelves but ON the shelves themselve.  Why haven't we seen this everywhere yet?  I'm loving how the color on the back and shelves makes the cabinet structure itself pop more. 

Inspiration #6
Nothing new here, just some color at the back of the shelves.  When we first looked at the house I told my husband the one color that must change is the red/maroon in the living room.  Then we went to Levin Furniture to find a couch and chairs for the room.  When I saw the grey couch it was love at first sight and I knew the red would stay.  We picked out a great patterned chair that is creme with grey and mustard yellow.  I love a good red and mustard yellow.  This is about the back of the shelves right?  Well my idea is to now pick out a moody grey for the built-ins or a pop of mustard yellow (see I brought it back on topic).  The husband is FAR from being sold on this idea, so we'll see.  Maybe something more neutral would win him over?

Inspiration #7
We've all seen John and Sherry's built-ins with the teal backs, but that's not what this inspiration focuses on.  I remembered their post on how they organized decorating "things" like exsesive amount of candles so I jumped right in.  Since we have a little bit of closet cabinet space and 2 drawers with the built-ins (bottom L/R), I wanted to store decorating stuff there, otherwise it was to the basement.  Decor that can be used everyday, like candle sticks, candles, and frames are going in our cabinets.  Seasonal items are still banned to the basement where we have the storage space. 
Now if they just styled themselves we'd be golden....

Is that enough ideas?  Do you want to go build some Built-Ins now or just some awesome shelving in general?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Looking Ahead

I may be leaving this blog hanging and only posting where necessary (ie: the Pinterest challenge), but I had to stop in with an update.

This baby will soon be ours!!!!

We just heard that the title agency will be calling us soon and that papers will be signed by Friday so we can get the keys.  SUPER EXCITED!!!!

Want a few more sneak peaks??

Gorgeous built-ins.  I need to buy more books!!!  (Yes there are french doors)

Spacious basement!

Completely new and updated kitchen.

Hope you love it as much as we do. 

So who's ready to help me decorate?!?!