Monday, December 10, 2012

Gift Wrapping Fun (Part 2)

Told ya I'd be back with more gift wrapping! 

Do you have a large family, or lots of people to buy a simple gift for?  The neighbors, church friends, teachers?  I have a large extended family and when Christmas time rolls around I'm always looking for a simple gifts to hand out to everyone.  My main goal is to keep it simple and relatively cheap.  I'm always on the hunt for a deal when it comes to these gifts but I want something that can be realistically used and unique.  Not just another dish towel or winter accessory.

Last year, my first year as a married 'adult' in my family, I wanted to start this gift giving.  The Christmas prior I found some snowmen candle holders on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond and scooped a bunch up.  So many in fact that I had 3 left.  Two are going to people on the other side of my family and one (that had broken its eyes off) has joined my Christmas decor (seen here).

This year during cyber Monday (more like cyber week, man retail is getting crazy) I got a BOGO deal on Bath and Body Works hand soap.  The holiday flavors scents seemed perfect too!  I got Vanilla Bean and Candy Apple.  One in each scent of each type of their hand soap.

I already knew how I'd make the overall gift a bit fancier too.  I'd had my eye on some laser cut wooden ornaments from Timber Green Woods on ETSY.  These things are BEAUTIFUL!  Even more so in person.  I got these ones.   I must admit though that their tiny size surprised me.  I'm an engineer so I know what 1.5" is but the picture made them look ALOT bigger.  None the less, they were actually the perfect size to pair with the hand soaps.  I'm even thinking of how to use the leftovers in my holiday decor.

See?  Beautiful, right?

I had saved some 'strings' from the burlap I used under my Thanksgiving tablecloth last year, so it was perfect to tie these little rustic ornaments to the soap and gift wrap them up.  I wrapped the hand soap in a Christmas baggy then tied it with ribbon and added on the ornament at the end.  Since these are a generic gift for various people in my family, no name tags are needed!

The best part really is that each of these were under $10.  The wooden ornaments just add that something extra to make them special.  At least I think so.

One of my kittens was not being helpful during the ornaments trying process and decided instead he would swat at the strings, so he went to kitty jail while I finished up.  Poor boy, I love him.

That's all I've got for the episode of Gift Wrapping.  One more to come as I show off some cute baby girl clothes and fun ideas on wrapping gifts for kids.

Are you dying to go buy those ornaments now?

PS:  I wasn't pair or perked to mention anything I bought above.  I just have always loved Bath and Body Works and now love Timber Green Woods.

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