Friday, December 14, 2012

Gift Wrapping Fun (Part 3)

Note:  Apparently I have no tech skills and my set-up to post this on 12/14 didn't work out.  Being gone from the interwebs since 12/13 I had no idea.  Needless to say it is now after Christmas and a little dated but the first two little ladies (ok, their parents) loved the gifts, hopefully the other 2 do as well when they receive them next week.

I've finally wrapped most of my Holiday gifts (at least the ones I actually need Christmas Eve and Christmas) for friends and family this year.  I got all my cards out too.  Making cards really does take a bit of time.  I've got a post coming soon about how I brain storm for making my Christmas cards.

But we're talking about little girl gifts and how FUN they are today.  My focus here is the adorable clothes I bought the 4 girlies in my life.  Besides clothes I got them bath toys paired with a DIY bath paint recipe, books, and CDs.

For the very soon to be 2 year old:

She's a silly little monkey, so when I saw this at Old Navy on the clearance rack I bought it.

Aren't these details with the bow and ears just the best thing ever?

I decided to pair the awesome jacket with a simple polka dot onesie and red pants (also Old Navy).  I think it brings out the blush on the monkey's face.

Oh, and if the jacket wasn't cute can you not love the little ruffled butt!

For the 9 month old (who is in 12 month clothes almost and the little sis of the above):

Adorable frog pajamas.

I can never pass up anything that says "Aunt" on it.  I'm a sucker.  I just love me nieces!

Her Mamma said she needed some winter clothes so I provided lots of sets.  I love how these can be worn in a variety of ways.  We have a long sleeve onesies, striped pants and a thick, warm jumper.

PS:  How cute is the little owl detail peeking out of the jumper's pocket?!

Another set I found (these 3 outfits are from Target) is a bit dressier.  I thought this set would be fun for church or an outing.

For the 1.5 year old:

I found this little shirt (dress?) while online shopping at Old Navy when they had a lot of great sales.  It's sweet and simple.  For a girl who likes to play around it'll be great.

I also picked up (from Old Navy) a little long sleeve heart onesie and the pants are ruffled.  Seriously I can't get enough of the ruffles!

For the 3 month old (sis of just above):
Found this while shopping the clearance rack of Target.  I got it right after my niece was born and shortly after we got our kittens.

Never to young to start animal prints.  MEOW!

When my niece was born and we found out she was a girl (it had been a secret the whole time), I ran right to the store to pick her up an outfit.  I was on the hunt for a "little sister shirt"  (because I got her big sister a "Best Big Sister Ever" shirt).  When we found this I had to buy it.  We've been looking for an "Uncle" shirt for the longest time.  I could never find one reasonably prices.  It's still a bit big for her but it'll be on hand at her house now.

How did i wrap these up?  I like to go simple.  Coordinating colors, usually gift tag-less, some bows.  We all know little kids all like the wrapping, ribbons, box, etc the best anyways.  Especially when it comes to clothes.  Wait till their teenagers, and they will LOVE when their Aunt offers to buy them clothes...

(Please ignore the poor lighting quality.  I rarely see the sun these days leaving for work at 6 am and getting home at 5 pm)
I love using this snowman wrapping paper for kids.  It's just fun.  I just realized you can't see the darn blue wrapping paper I paired with this.  I went patterned, solid, patterned and then wrapped it all up in a bright, festive bow.

Sometimes it's just easier to throw your gifts into a big.  The one of the left is so simple.  I just added some glitter paper inside (sure to make cleaning up 10 times harder).  The right bag has a Christmas scene on it so I stuck with solid colors.  I liked the green to bring out some of the trees and holly on the bag.

Here is another fun "kid's" paper.  Just wrapped it up, no box required.  I added a variety of bows for festive flair.

You may have noticed all these clothes wrapped up are pretty void of sharp edges.  I usually leave the box behind and just fold the clothes up nicely and wrap.  Why have something else to throw away and I always feel silly asking for the box back to re-use.  It's a lot easier to pack this stuff up to carry for traveling on the holidays because it packs tighter.  When I take the presents out I just fluff up and bows and we're good to go.

Hope this Gift Wrapping series helped you figure out some ideas for gifts or how to wrap gifts for the Holidays.  Remember just have fun!  There is always someone who is a worse wrapper than you.

Are you done wrapping all your presents yet?

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