Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday House Tour 2012

I recently had a discussion with a co-worked about the number of boxes of decorations I have.  She seemed astounded that I have 3 large plastic tubs of Christmas decorations.  After reading all your blogs out there, I do believe I am at the low end really.

I have one tub of Christmas ornaments and two tubs of Christmas decorations.  Besides that I have a separate box with the tree stand, 2 smaller boxes with manager scenes (that have nowhere to be put right now), a plastic garbage container that holds wrapping paper (for all occasions), a picnic basket holding tissue paper and ribbon, and an old popcorn tin for bows.  Ok, maybe that's a bit more than 3 tubs...

Now to show you around the house for the Holidays.  Since this is also one of the first looks of my house, don't worry if you get confused in the layout, although it is pretty easy and I only decorated the first floor plus the upstairs hall bookshelf.

Our hallway/kitchen "window" where out stockings hang below (also seen here).  I have some holiday dishtowels hanging too.

I try to stay away from a lot of red/green for Christmas since our house has a lot of orange decorations.  I LOVE these jingle bells stacked in an apothecary jar from our wedding (it was filled with M&Ms).

I the living area we added some Holiday cheer to the shelves my husband built.  (See orange painting as example of our orange colors in the house).  A little snowflake garland I've had since college, the North Pole and a gold candle stand.

The North Pole is a collection of Cat's Meows I've had since high (middle?) school.  I use to use it to decorate in my room.

This boot sits under our coffee table and is filled with fake pine branches and berries.  I got it from my Mom when she was getting rid of Holiday decorations.  My favorite decorations are free.

The lazy susan on our table holds a glass hurricane candle holder year round that I change up the filler inside per the season.  Right now we have some red and silver ornaments.  I was going to use the jingle bells but since I loved those so much I wanted them prominent.  These little red guys are festive without overdoing it (remember we are minimizing red).

Our Christmas tree is shoved between the tv and table.  Right now a lot of meals are spent at the couch and ottoman so we can catch up on DVRed shows while eating.  To read more about our tree decorating read this post.

In the kitchen I have this cute plate (from Kohls last year) that sits out and usually hold various kitchen items.  I also have matching mugs stowed away in the cabinets.  On the cabinets you can see how I am displaying Christmas cards.  I started this idea last year and love it so much I may have kept them up until Spring.  I've only got two cards so far but I'll probably end up filling three cabinets again like last year.

On the door to the garage we have a star hung to add a bit of cheer to our foyer area.  I found this on sale last year at Target after Christmas.

When I bought this little hanger last year from Michaels or Hobby lobby, I have hopes of hanging it on one of the cabinet pulls in the kitchen but the loop wasn't big enough.  So I hung 'er up here in the bathroom. 

At the top of the steps we have my bookshelf.  I got the stars in the Target dollar section last year.  There is a stained glass manger at the top.  It's not styled very well otherwise but it's the only place I have for books so they all just get shoved in there.

These are paper mold my mom made a LONG time ago and hand painted.  Not sure why/when they got framed but she had the in the pitch pile and I took them home.  I especially love that my mom made them.

Finally, my crowning glory is my picture wall hung at the staircase.  When we bought this house I knew what I'd do here.  You can see it from the foyer and in the upstairs hall.  I need to get a post on how I arranged this sometime.  Not much Christmas here except for my small painted canvas art.

Here's my favorite.  I bought a ten pack of these mini (4x6?) canvases from Michaels and super glued picture hangers on the back.  Then I bought some cheapo paint and hand painted some snowflakes.  I love the simplicity of this one.  Usually other canvases hang here in their place.  You'll have to wait and see what when I do that post.

Well there you have it.  Nothing overly spectacular but it's simple and sweet.  And for our small house it's enough.  I probably didn't even use half the decoration I own. 

Do you have a Christmas theme going on it your house or do you have odds and ends from your parents too?


  1. Your house looks great! I have three plastic bins of Christmas decorations too.

    I have mostly odds and ends from my Grandma. Which is mostly traditional Christmas colors and then I bought a bunch of rustic Christmas decor last year, so nothing really matches :P

  2. You totally just made my day...first comment EVER! Thanks!